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Oct 1, 2012 6:00pm PDT
the city through bank rupsy, facing off with the lgbt community and recent increase in officer-involved shootings but this arson might be toughest. >> attempt to instill fear failed. >> and he calls it a malicious act. and is leaving the building a turned out shell. this is the latest including someone breaking windows, dumping trash and stealing his motorcycle from city hall. >> i will say the number of acts of vandalism which i have been subjected to causes me to believe this is related to my position as mayor and not as my position as an attorney. >> neither the mayor nor investigators will speculate about why he's being targeted. he's been confronted over several shootings in this city and called on the attorney general to investigate. residents support him. >> he's hoping that things will go well. >> i think it's envelope that this criminal element is running rampant in the city. >> the city is concerned about his safety. >> police officers have provided he extra security. the lieutenant says the possibility of domestic terrorism has not been ruled out. >> this is serious,
Oct 2, 2012 6:00pm PDT
is known as a tollerant city but tonight what leaders said enough is enough whit comes to public nudity. introducing a measure restricting where people are allowed to be in the buff. abc 7 is live in the epicenter often in the castro. people will be surprised to know there is no state law against public nudity. >> that is right. it only deals with lewd, nude behavior, and not nudity itself. last year you might remember san francisco supervisors passed a law requiring nudists to put a towel or something down on the seat before they sit. and the man behind that measure has been pushing for new restrictions. >> on a nice day, this man enjoys baring it all. these a are the so called naked guys. >> this is a neighborhood that has limited public space and our town square is now almost every day a nudist colony. it's not okay. >> the supervisor scott weiner proposed public nudity be restricted to what he calls appropriate venues including bay to breakers, folsom street fair and the beach. he says his district, the castro has seen a skyrocketing increase in people who like to display their priv
Oct 7, 2012 6:00pm PDT
more than 50 crepts in many bay area cities. some california gas prices are now more than a dollar above the national average. the price hike has been blamed on refinery problems in the state. today governor brown stepped in and asked refineries to switch to a winter blend of gas, and that would relief businesses and consumers. >> if it's right, that would have major impact on the price of gasoline. increasing our supply by 8 or 10% be plenty to bring down california prices to the normal relationship to the rest of the country. >> some drivers figure they have no choice but to pay the high prices. >> we live in a state that is very resticktive. costs more to build here, do business here, more to buy gas here. >> the major problem is california has just a few refineries that produce the low emission special fuel for the state and we're in a very vulnerable position when refinery accidents happen. >> now, senator feinstein is asking the federal trade commission to investigate the recent hike in gas pricesment she wants the ftc to establish a permanent market monitoring team. now, pro
Oct 8, 2012 6:00pm PDT
thousands of damage to the city. >> just makes me feel terrible about what's happening in oakland. >> matthew, like many in oakland believe the city has seen enough violence and protests. >> there is÷úzeez a lot of great things happening. >> this took a back seat. he woke up to learn city hall had been the target of protestors intent on causing damage. >> when there are people breaking glass and destroying property it takes away frop exciting things happening oakland.ym >> there is an employ each is $20,000. demonstrators broke 12. this atm on the end of a raid. there is no match for the force. police say 200 used bricks and pipes to smash and crash through downtown. this time, vandals added something new to theirxd arsenal. paint. íç thick goog# y hall. íç thick goog# y policeç have been criticized for response to protests and has been under a microscope since the threat of a possible federal take over.eij-with no wo arrests. >> we don't feel we can approach the crowd of too. and without the officers getting hurt and also, innocent civilians, then, we have to t
Oct 5, 2012 6:00pm PDT
samaritan in the city's mayor says that praise is appropriate. >> this is a good choice of words describing what happened. someone chose to get involved. >> one of the woman who was held up told me she was terrified. loyal customers say the man did the right thing. >> there is a way to protect himself. he did a good thing, i think. >> police looked at video and investigators say the shooting appears justified. >> there are consequences to actions and this does sometimes end in death. >> the case will be reviewed by the district attorney. >> this is going to be a very busy weekend. coming up next there is a taxi medallions that arrived today just in time to get you around town. >> and i'm spencer christian. special events and activities this weekend will skies be cloudy or blue? i'll answer that in the accu-weather forecast coming up. >> and later the california campaign commercial that is being pulled off the air in part because of the buildings in the background. >> and there is a san francisco ronald mcdonald >> if you spent time in san francisco you no doubt heard the roar. blue angels s
Oct 4, 2012 6:00pm PDT
their names. >> and laura, thank you. >> there city officials say they will call attention to a new version of an old crime fighting tool, asking for witnesses to come forward anonymously through text or e mail. it's a program they're calling tip watch. >> this is planly, violence occurs because it's allowed to continue. this is accepted on levels by individuals and by groups and that is not right. >> five people were killed raising the number killed by gun violence to 90 so far this year and there are residents saying oakland for the most part is a safe place to live. >> there is a lot of issues in pockets, if you're playing with the crowd then that is what is going to happen. >> and there are police saying people who submit tips cannot be identified. the information is enkriftd and web secure aacross the bay a man in custody since august has been charge md a double murder case. two men found shot and later died after a street fight in visitation valley raft july 30th. police work wtd fbi and u.s. attorneys to build a case. and. >> we have taken time to measure twice and cut once now we're
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6